Once a Trojan, always a Trojan

Caleb Hicks


Although my time here at Troy has been relatively short, it feels like a glorious lifetime.

It has been filled with memories that will last forever.  Being a photographer for the Trop staff has certainly been a privilege, and I have gained so much experience.

My time management skills were definitely put to the test as I juggled being a commuter, a photographer and a student.

I feel that the Trop has helped me grow, not only in my photography, but also as a person.

When I began working with this staff, I only knew one person, barely.  Little did I know that this person would become one of my best friends here at Troy.

April Irvin, along with others, has become my family here at Troy. Jill Odom keeps me in line. Joshua Thurston knows nearly everything there is to know about cameras. Grishma Rimal, also known as, “John Smith,” is extremely fun to be around and is also in charge of the chocolate milk in SAGA.

Alyse Nelson knows what is going on in Introduction to Communication; ask her. Cassie Gibbs, who is a student, will never fail at being funny.

I must thank Josh Richards for correcting the wording of my sentences. Jessica Smith motivates me to work out. Taylor Bowser is talented beyond her years as a graphic designer. Beth Hyatt is the best person to sing a duet with. Hannah Crews will always be the best person to talk to and a great friend. Lilly Casolaro can make mean casserole, of any kind. Kianna Collins plays the best dancing music on her computer. Last, but certainly not least, Chase Robinson, the almighty editor in chief, has provided the best candy parades and pizza.

I also must thank all of my professors and mentors who have helped me through many situations, especially Steve Stewart for being my adviser, and Ava Tabb for being a great teacher of journalism and an inspiring person.

My time here has come to a close, but in the words of Arnold, “I’ll be back.” I believe once a Trojan, always a Trojan, even though I will be elsewhere. This potato is going to fly around another room, so I bid thee farewell.

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