Online parking petition not considered ‘formal’

Larry Willis
Staff Writer

Over 1,400 students have signed an online petition on that requests the university administration “to build a parking deck.”
However, that petition is considered an informal one, according to Herbert Reeves, dean of student services.
“We know the petition is out there and a lot of people have signed it,” he said. “But as far as a formal petition being submitted to the university, we have not seen one.”
According to Reeves, a petition must be submitted in writing to the Student Government Association.
“As far as the informal petition, I have not seen it,” he said. “Even when we receive it, it will take us some time to look at it because a parking deck is currently not a facility master plan as an immediate project.”
Reeves said there has to be a discussion with the administration before a major decision is made.
“We’d have to look at a number of factors,” he said.
Reeves said that he believes the parking lot by the Trojan Arena will be cleared soon, and the parking lot by Hawkins Hall will open today.
“Once the Hawkins lot opens, we will take a look at it and take a look at parking on campus during that time to make a decision,” he said.
Reeves said the university will re-examine parking after the lot behind Hawkins Hall opens and will continue to work with the SGA on the issue.

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