Online Radio

A new online radio station completely headed by Troy students will be making its debut on Monday.

The station will feature news and sports, as well as a collection of country, pop and international music.

At the moment, the URL for the station is up for debate, but it will most likely be

The idea for the online radio station came about from the radio production practicum class at Troy University.  The class is taught by Professor “Doc” Kirby, and it is made up of around twenty students.

The class was just recently brought back to the university after years of not being on the course list.

This semester, the class decided to create the station as a way of putting their journalism skills to action.

Professor Kirby contacted Tommy House, a Troy alumnus in Montgomery who works with online radio stations, and together, they worked to create Troy’s new online station.

As the launch date approaches, many journalism students and faculty are happy to welcome the new medium to the collection of Trojan media.

Tianxiang “Terry” Yu, a junior broadcast journalism major from Nanjing, China and a program manager for the station said, “I like that the voices of students will be heard.  I think it will benefit the J-school because there is something for all journalism students, whether it is television, radio or writing.”

When asked what his favorite part of the radio station will be, Yu said he looks forward to hearing the two-hour international music segment, which will feature songs from all over the world.

“It was a student initiative.  The students were the ones that really came up with the idea and worked through the process of doing it.  That to me is a very special aspect of this whole thing,” said Dr. Padgett, director of the Hall School of Journalism.

Troy’s new online radio station will run from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. five days a week starting on Monday, April 24.

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