Opinion: Burned out? You are almost there

Anushka K.C.

Staff Writer

We’ve all been in that state of panic when you have two exams in a day, and you spent the previous night getting “LIT!” But then you realize the rest of your world is getting lit, too, from the invisible fire that is stress. 

Did I make stupid decisions this semester? Yes. Was it worth it? Half of me believes so, while the other half says, “No.” Did I have fun? Yes. Did I end up being in my own pool of tears? Yes. 

I am not trying to rationalize my decisions. I just want to share my story of college burnout.

I have been trying to get out of my shell this semester, being active in clubs, making new friends, keeping up with professors and so on. 

I am none of these things. I am a person who likes to stay at home and sleep. I socialize sometimes, but with the same circle of friends I have had for the last two and a half years. However, there is a side of me that likes to be out and about, doing stuff. 

It is definitely something out of my comfort zone, but it is a way for me to learn new things. My coursework has been equally hard, and it occupies a lot of my time. 

Therefore, my friends, I am here to say, you are not alone and please don’t do this to yourselves. People I talk to recently have been voicing out similar concerns about how everything is pretty stressful right now. 

With April being a month for a lot of formal gatherings, it is difficult to juggle your time between your studies and social events. 

I am trying to change my bad habits, nonetheless, and take care of myself better. I am still learning to manage my time and be more organized. I hope everyone right now who is struggling with this will do the same. 

Thinking about your to-do list the previous night or early in the morning, staying active, eating healthy, and reaching out to people who care for you when you need help, are some the things that can help. Toward the end of the semester, it is difficult to keep up the same enthusiasm, but we should all strive for doing the best for ourselves, so we can contribute the best toward the community that we have all built together. 

College is also where you can grow and learn to be all the things you aspire to be. Let’s utilize our time here! 

On another note, start studying for your finals. Seriously.  

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