By: Jack Rawlings


As former President Clinton did using the Food & Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control to attack the tobacco industry, President Obama is using the Center for Disease Control in an attempt to attack the gun industry. As with tobacco, guns are a legal, marketable product in high demand by the American public which produces lots of revenue. Now in demand more than ever, since the announcement of 23 executive orders to supposedly reduce gun violence. Beware of extended and drawn out laws with vague continuous definitions and interpretations. Like Obama care, there is plenty of room to hide true intentions. One such executive order caught my attention and took me back to the Clinton era of not only attacking the tobacco industry but of attacking individual wealth.
Of the 23 executive orders Obama Issued a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence. Considering the conversations regarding mental illness being a factor in violent crimes this executive order seems vague in addressing that issue. So I asked myself what the CDC could bring forth hence my memory back in time to President Clinton. If Obama can get the CDC to say that a person who collects guns or shoots them on a regular basis has an addiction and could be subject to violent behavior then he would have a platform to stand on while not only attacking the gun industry but gun owners, the second amendment, with his true intentions being to raise taxes on guns. I know it sounds like a stretch but consider how many other compulsions are considered to be diseases such as gambling, drug and alcohol abuse, even shopping and too much time on the internet, for crying out loud. If the CDC could be convinced to announce that gun ownership and violent crimes are linked to symptoms of some compulsive disorder, while at the same time blaming the gun manufacturers for feeding this compulsion, Obama could turn around and have his Justice Department launch law suits against the gun industry for causing an increased cost in the health care due to supplying guns. Though his real intention is to raise taxes he shadows it by threatening gun rights which will dominate the media and public thinking. Obama challenging gun ownership goes hand in hand with raising taxes. He could tax guns and make them too expensive for many to own, much like Clinton did to the tobacco industry but there was an unforeseen circumstance. No matter how expensive high demand products are, like tobacco or guns, Americans will still buy them. Gun manufacturers will quietly pay billions in legal settlements because in the long run that will come out cheaper than court battles especially after the Supreme Court found Obama Care constitutional which raises the level of intimidatio!
n. Obama knows this. Look at the gun prices now and the millions being sold at a record pace. So what is really at stake here? Raising taxes on luxury items for the ever increasing government spending and disguising it as an effort to challenge gun rights, protect children and curve violence.
With Clinton, billions were paid out by the tobacco industries in government law suit after law suit settlements and the price for a pack of cigarettes sky rocketed. The difference now is the government needs the taxes generated by tobacco sales so the campaign to rally against tobacco has, over the years, quietly gone away. The CDC came out and said nicotine in cigarettes was addictive and harmful which everyone already knew but that did not matter. It was played out as if addiction to smoking was all new and for years the public has been endangered and deceived by the tobacco industry, especially our children. Yes, once again, the children are being exploited to sway public opinion and divide Americans. This same principle strategy will be used in blaming gun owners and manufacturers for gun violence.
So, with all this said, this could work for Obama. He can claim to go after gun rights and build a nice little nest egg in the name of Obama care who will be footing the bill for the tragic gun violence caused by the made up obsession of gun ownership. It will come in the form of law suit intimidation and tax hikes on weapons and ammunition. But again, this idea is nothing new. When it was quietly proposed during the Clinton administration it was set aside and hushed up just as quietly because it was believed to be before its time. Unfortunately, now could be that time.



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