Paving continues and smooths out roads

Emma Daniel

News Editor

Students are expressing relief on social media that campus roads are being paved, but some said their cars have already sustained damage from potholes and rough roads after weather delayed paving project. 

Alex Reynolds, a senior nursing major from Dothan, Alabama, and the city liaison, assured that the work would be finished within a week, weather allowing. 

“As frustrating as the roads are, the finished road on campus is very nice and smooth,” he said. “I’m looking forward to them all being in great condition in the very near future.”

Katie Silva, a senior communications major from Brantley, Alabama, said her tire popped and her alignment broke she hit a pothole near Eldridge Hall.

“I watched 10 more people hit the same pothole as myself while waiting for my tire to get changed,” Silva said. “Not everyone can afford to fix their vehicles.”

Jessica Monyae, a freshman social science major from Birmingham, Alabama, popped her tire from a hole near Rushing Hall.

“We’re already broke college kids, so worrying about the damage being done to our cars is so stressful,” Monyae said. “For those that are working, it’s taking away from their source of income.”

 “I don’t understand why short-term construction isn’t reserved for summer,” said John Thompson, a sophomore nursing major from Montgomery, Alabama.

The paving project preparation began with road milling on Dec. 16, 2019. The university had planned for paving to have been complete before students returned to campus, according to dean of students Herbert Reeves, but weeks of rainy weather prevented crews from paving.

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