Pay printer now in TC

Josh Richards

Staff Writer

A print station is now available for students in the Trojan Center as a trial project.

The station was installed by Troy University’s information technologies department.

The station is a “Wireless Everywhere. Print Anywhere.” station (WEPA).

Greg Price Sr., the director of the IT department, said the IT department worked with student representatives to locate the best area to place the station on Troy’s campus, in terms of traffic.

“The Trojan Center experiences a significant amount of student traffic during the day and evening,” Price said. “Therefore, it was the most ideal place for the device.”

If the demo is successful, Price said, there are plans

“to deploy additional devices to dormitories and other areas throughout campus.”

The placement of the devices will be based on  convenience and accessibility.

“A major idea behind the concept of the units is ease of access and proximity,” Price said. “For example, if the devices were in a dormitory, then students would have access day and night.”

Price said that the WEPA station would have a minimal cost for the university.

“It costs nothing to the university, beyond the allocated floor space and electrical usage, and the device is supported through a pay-print-model.”

Students should expect to see other additions from the IT department around campus in the future.

The IT department, the university and student services are working together to improve the experiences of Troy students.

“In the coming months, a number of new services will be deployed,” Price said. “The majority of the products are enhancements and redesign of web environments. All of the new services have been under construction for the past year, and testing and deployment are scheduled for summer.”

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