Peace+Clean Home Cleaning Services now offering professional organization

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Coby Alexander

Staff Writer

About a month ago, Emily Shaw, a Troy sophomore from Wetumpka, Alabama, started Peace + Clean, a room cleaning service. 

She works alongside her boyfriend, Marquese Christian, a sophomore communications major from Troy, Alabama.

“We mesh and work extremely well together so we can get things done efficiently and quickly,” Emily said about working with her boyfriend. “I am lucky to have such a great partnership.” 

Peace + Clean stems from Shaw having the idea of entrepreneurship in her heart for a long time but never knowing what she wanted to do with it, so she decided to combine her interest in entrepreneurship with her organizational skills. 

After only a month into this new endeavor, she said there have not been any challenges the couple has run into, but she always has to be prepared for the unexpected.

“There really is no specific, perfect way to clean because everyone and every house is different,” Shaw said. 

Before they get ready to clean a space, pictures are sent to them to see exactly what they will be working with and what supplies they will have to bring. 

The two split the rooms and tasks upon their arrival. 

The company’s prices are currently $40 for a basic dorm cleaning and $50 for non-dorm room facilities. 

Their professional organization services are an additional $20 per hour service. 

“We try to keep our services affordable,” Shaw said. “We know how life can get, especially in these times.” 

What Shaw said she enjoys most is seeing how happy her clients are after she and her partner finish working on the space. 

“It’s the best, I really do care about my clients and their needs and do my absolute best to fulfill them,” Shaw said. “I truly do love it!” 

You can contact Peace + Clean through the company’s Facebook page, or at (334) 603-2615.

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