Pious protesters pose psychological threat to students

Chad Downs



A man was spotted yesterday at the North quad shouting at students and condemning them of their ‘wrong-doings.’
He was wearing a banner on the front and back of his body which listed dozens of ‘sinful’ habits and hobbies followed by “Hell Awaits You If You Do Not Abandon Your Sin…” written in big red letters.
This type of behavior comes as a surprise because Troy University, and especially the North quad, is a generally peaceful, functioning campus.
But the incident raises a lot of questions about safety and security.
A Troy student reported that one student was directly harassed by the stranger.
He pointed out her nose ring and said it “will get her to hell.” Another student reported that he “travels from campus to campus doing this.”
I take pride in Troy University’s motto as “Alabama’s International University.”
The term itself expresses the openness and understanding this University has for different cultures, views and religion.
The strange man represents the opposite of this type of ideology, proclaiming one religion in a radical and debatably misguided nature.
The thesis of his protest essentially is “my religion and my beliefs are the only true way, listen to me!”
A non-university civilian promoting himself without permission is enough reason to step in on such an incident, but let’s talk safety too.
Should Troy do more filtering of people who come on this campus?
Any stranger has easy access to do just what this man did, something different, or even something worse.
I know events like this don’t often occur, but the concept of safety and security in relation to disruptive strangers coming on campus and yesterday’s event should be brought up in administrative discussion.
Regardless of the nature of the act, Troy University Police were notified and the proper steps were taken to handle the situation, which is a procedure that will happen again if another incident occurs.

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