Playstation 4

Emma Daniel

News Editor

I’m a real adult (I think) who used real adult money (I hope) to buy a PlayStation 4, and I have to say I’ve gotten my money’s worth. 

I’m largely a gaming know-nothing; I was an expert at Mario Kart and Animal Crossing on Nintendo systems, and I sometimes bought cheap indie games to waste time on Steam in high school. I sometimes played a console at a friend’s house if I was lucky.

As an old Nintendo player, the PS4 controller really stumped me at first. PS4 controllers have shapes (triangle, circle, square and diamond) instead of the typical A-B-X-Y setup. That just took getting used to. 

After getting the hang of it, gameplay is easy as can be. For new gamers, it might be difficult to work two joysticks instead of one, but the coordination really just comes with practice. 

The PS4 is typically a nice hunk of change, but it’s less expensive than an Xbox from what I’ve seen. Controllers are also pricey, so if you have more than one person trying to play, prepare to dish out at least another twenty bucks. 

Buying used or online can save you a lot of money in many cases; my system is used, I got it $100 cheaper than list price and it works like a dream. Wipe the system on used devices, and no discerning gift-getter can tell a difference.

The games themselves are also pretty expensive, especially by broke college student standards. The newer and fancier games often run for at least $40 to $50, so buying them digitally can often save at least ten bucks.

When downloading games, the issue of storage comes up. I have about six games I regularly play, and I’ve not had any issues with storage being too full. I believe storage only becomes a problem when you get up to ten games. External hard drives can be used for extra space, but if you aren’t an active gamer with lots of different games, you might not have to worry too much. 

I’m not a shoot-‘em-up type person, so I was a bit worried about how many games I’d actually enjoy on a console. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to find plenty of more laid-back titles to try. Even so, I suggest trying one first-person shooter with a console. They get old quickly, but are fun for a while.

Having a console basically turns any TV into a Smart TV; your PS4 will come with an entertainment hub, so you can watch Netflix, stream Spotify (even while playing games), or even watch Troy football on the huge collection of apps. I honestly use all the bells and whistles more than I play games. 

As a very amateur and laid-back gamer, I highly suggest getting a PS4. Many of the games are easy to get the hang of, especially if you find your niche and know the kinds of games you like to play. 

It’s a console, so of course, it’s expensive, but smart shopping can find you deals pretty easily. I wasn’t ready for the games to be as expensive as they are, so be careful when shopping for new titles or you might end up dropping $70. 

I think the PS4 controlers are pretty good. Overall it’s a great device, has a good selection of games and, if you know how to shop, isn’t all that expensive. 

A PS4 is a great first-time console and an awesome gift to get this holiday season. 

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