Police investigate egging on campus

Logan Wetzel

Staff Writer

Troy University Police started an investigation to identify students allegedly throwing raw eggs at other Troy students and campus property last week.

Campus police received a report around 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 8, that someone had been throwing raw eggs from a moving vehicle at students and other cars as they were driving by, according to Detective James Taylor.

“Right now, we are in the process of checking cameras on campus and attempting to identify (the suspects),” Taylor said. “Once that is completed, we plan to use process of elimination to see who it is.”

Chekaylah Bradley, a senior graphic design and Spanish double major from Montgomery, said around 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 10, she was walking from Cowart Hall to New Residence Hall when a slow-moving vehicle approached beside her, and she felt something hit the side of her torso.

“It really caught me off guard,” Bradley said. “I really did not think about having been hit with anything.

“I ran into New Residence and told my RA (resident assistant) what had just happened. She then told me that she had recently witnessed people riding in a white Jeep who had been seen throwing eggs at people on campus.”

Bradley’s RA was contacted but was not available for comment.

Bradley said around noon on Friday she went outside near the location the egg was thrown at her, and she found a cracked eggshell on the ground. She reported the incident to campus police.

Taylor said those involved would be facing criminal mischief charges, which, according to law.justia.com, means that the person intended to damage the property of another without permission or reasonable reason for doing so. The charges can be paid off through services such as community services and paying restitution to those whose property has been damaged.

“We have had incidents of cars and people being egged in the past, but we have had more situations this year since I have been here,” Taylor said. “From here we may see it decrease, but it really is an unpleasant phase.”

According to the Oracle student handbook, “Community members, faculty, staff and guests are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety-related incidents to the University Police or Security Department in a timely manner.”

“As a student, I want to encourage anyone else who sees these kinds of actions take place to report it,” Bradley said. “I feel like that is the only way these problems could be solved.”

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