Political Science Club hosts debate watch party, gives students opportunities to get involved

Rakshak Adhikari

Staff Writer

The Political Science Club organized a debate watch party for the Democratic Presidential Debate that took place in Iowa last Tuesday. The two-hour-long event was attended by 20 students.

The Political Science Club hosts a variety of events including debate watch parties, debate days for members to have open discussions about controversial topics, movie nights featuring politically focused movies and more, said Bailey Wood, a senior political science and history major from Trussville and the president of the Political Science Club.  However, Wood said the club also strives to get members politically involved outside of meetings.

According to Wood, the main goal of the Political Science Club is to keep the members involved in the political world and give them an area where they can have political discussions with those that may disagree with them.

Wood also added that the Political Science Club has contact information for three different US Senate campaigns, so any student that is interested in getting an internship or volunteer position on a Senate campaign can contact the club to get connected.

Macy Crigler, a freshman of undecided major from Daphne, said that she joined the Political Science Club because one of her friends recommended it as a good way to get involved and meet people on campus.

“I have attended debate watch parties and a discussion between the students about impeachment,” Crigler added. “Bailey got me volunteer hours for Jeff Sessions’ campaign, so I am looking forward to door knocking with him.”

Katelyn Nelson, a senior political science major from Citronelle, said that the Political Science Club has members with diverse political inclinations and even non-political science majors should consider joining the club.

“Politics is important to society and the political science club provides a great outlet for exposure into current political systems in a friendly manner,” Nelson added.

Interested students can contact Bailey Wood at bwood@troy.edu to be added to the mailing list.

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