Poll: feline vs. canine

Emma Daniel

News Editor

I’m a new cat person. I’ve had terrible allergies nearly my entire life and have largely disliked cats—until I got one.

Cats are truly a treasure. They’re easy to take care of, and I’m constantly stupefied at my cat’s defiance of the laws of physics.

Plus, give credit where credit is due. Cats have also been around thousands of years, and ancient Egyptians loved them so much they were regarded as god-like.

Many humans misunderstand cats because they don’t express love the same way as dogs. Cats are simply more introverted! You wouldn’t berate an introverted friend for needing alone time, would you?

Many people have said cats don’t love humans. Cats just don’t show much affection until they know you’re cool. After that, they’re silly, cuddly, playful, and have all the qualities of a fine companion!

Reader, I implore you, go pet a cat.

Sam Stroud

Staff Writer

Dogs are superior to cats. To me, this statement above is obvious. I don’t normally do this in my life, but I’m going to quote my father on this one. 

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” 

Dogs are fantastic. They have been at mankind’s side for thousands of years. 

Cats don’t love people; they love food and privacy. While there is nothing wrong with that, creatures who value those lifestyles do not make good pets. 

Meanwhile, dogs enjoy interacting with their owners. They play fetch, go on outdoor adventures, and watch over the children of the house. A dogs shares a bond with humans that no other species does. Rather, dogs integrate themselves into their family, they understand the social hierarchy of their homes. They understand they are beneath their owners. Cats can’t be bothered to respect people with such dignity, they simply stare and hiss at almost everyone they encounter.

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