Poll: How to eat a pizza slice

Emma Daniel

News Editor

A slice of pizza naturally and beautifully creates an arrow indicating the correct way for it to be eaten: at the pointy end first. There is a natural order on how things are done, and eating the crust first is simply incorrect. Plus, the crust offers a perfectly ergonomic handle to enjoy your pizza! 

I agree that crust is the least delicious part, but the heresy of eating pizza crust first can be solved by leaving a bit of the delicious part to eat sideways along with the crust or dip it in sauce. 

The public has spoken, and the public is correct. The majority has voted regarding the correct way to eat pizza, and I concur; one must start at the pointy end.

Sam Stroud

Staff Writer

Let us establish a few facts at the outset of this argument. It is almost a universal truth that the crust is the least tasteful part of a slice of pizza. So, why should any individual be expected to eat the worst part of the slice last and end a perfect meal with a lacking taste in their mouth?

A slice of pizza should be savored; you should never want to finish it. This feeling cannot be achieved unless you start with the most unsatisfactory part. If you leave the worst for last, you cannot relish the final bite.  

The only other option is to not eat the crust at all, but we are all grown adults and it’s childish to leave food on your plate simply because you won’t eat it. 

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