POPulus displays talent in show

Lilly Casolaro
Staff Writer
POPulus, Troy University’s American Pop Music Ensemble, is music of the people for the people, produced by a student-driven band focused on popular American music.
“Our mission statement is to show ourselves and the other students here that if this is something you really want to do, you can do it,” said Wyatt Edmondson, a junior music industry major from Montgomery and songwriter for POPulus.
A product of the music industry program at Troy, POPulus allows students like Tayler Collier to hone their skills and identify their passions in music.
“It is helping me mold what I actually want to do,” said Collier, a sophomore global business management major and music industry minor from Pleasant Grove. “I came in as a music major initially thinking I wanted to perform, but changed to business and became involved in marketing for POPulus. It molds you for what you want to be or who you already are.”
In addition to the performance ensemble, students in the music industry program explore aspects such as producing, songwriting, marketing and recording that simulate the roles of the various music-related careers.
The specified courses in the program provide multiple avenues for students to excel based on preferences.
“My biggest thing I can bring to the table is my songwriting,” Edmondson said. “On the last three albums recorded, I’ve had original music on all three.
“It gives me the chance to not only write it, but also take it to a professional studio with professional producers who take you with them through the process. They give you the opportunity to step into the shoes of what you want to do.”
According to Collier, the networks and career preparation that POPulus has afforded students in the program are unique to Troy because there isn’t another program comparable to it.
“This program has it all, and when you graduate you will go out and know what you want to do with you life,” Collier said.
For Edmondson, the connections, networks and relationships made through POPulus have afforded him the opportunity to record his first album as a solo artist with the help of Bob Bullock, director of audio and recording for the group.
“I would not have had that connection if it weren’t for POPulus. You get a lot of great connections and experience you would not get,” Edmondson said.
To showcase their musical achievements, members of POPulus partake in a yearly spring tour aimed at recruiting high school students, promoting the band and recording short albums.
Furthermore, POPulus is hosting an outdoor concert on Friday, Oct. 10. It will be open to all students and the Troy community free of charge.
Dino Brawl will begin at 8 p.m. as a featured artist, and POPulus will perform at 8:30 p.m. in front of Smith Hall.

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