Post-Spring Break: Getting back to the study wheel is not easy but possible with good time management

Each semester, students return from either spring or fall break with the same false expectations of starting strong and finishing strong.
Instead of easing into our studies, we sprint the first mile and then realize we blew out our backs and knees, and now have begun to crawl to the finish.
The problem with the spring semester is that after spring break, most of us choose to just shut down and try to do just enough to squeak by.
College students are in an environment with so many distractions.
Every college student is in the same relationship.
We think about this significant other while in class and when we fall asleep. We would probably be embarrassed if anyone else found out what kind of dirt we share.
And that person is Netflix. This website is one of the biggest crushes of almost every college student.
It is so easy for us to “take a break” from studying to watch “only” one episode of “House of Cards” or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”
However, before the “break” is over, we have spent our entire weekend locked in our bedrooms, and only when we finally realize that we need more food do we awaken from our slumber to harvest what we can.
“I know the minute I start watching one episode, I’ll keep watching and before I know it, I have finished a whole season,” said Nathan Edwards, a sophomore sport and fitness management major from Prattville.
There are not many students who would say that studying is fun or they enjoy it.
“There are a thousand other things I would rather be doing at 3 o’clock on a Friday than studying,” said Tony Chavez, a junior computer science major from Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Many of us would rather be lying in our hammocks and relaxing. We offer up many excuses on why we have not done what we’re supposed to do and blow it off until we find ourselves completely overwhelmed.
Sometimes we just need to take a step back, breathe and realize that there are things that can still be done to get back on the right foot.
Effective time management is one of the best things to prevent stress from building up. Sadly, it is one of the skills that are not developed until college.
Most college students live by pulling all-nighters, waking up 10 minutes before class and rushing to get ready for the day.
We need to also remember to not become overly involved.
Having too many commitments in one day can prevent us from thinking about all that we truly have to do.
It also can make us neglect our other responsibilities.
Another way to stay motivated is to set goals and reward yourself.
If you tell yourself that something needs to done by 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and you finish it on time, then you can reward yourself by hanging out by the pool or going out with friends.
School is not the easiest thing for everyone, but it does not have to be as hard as some make it.

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