Private guitar classes offered this semester, individualized based on student needs

Andrea Hammack

Staff Writer

Students will once again have the opportunity to take private guitar lessons offered by Andrew Williamson this semester, with lessons tailored specifically to their goals and abilities. 

Williamson, a coordinator of institutional effectiveness, has been giving private lessons since 2006. These lessons primarily focus on the methods and style of classical guitar.

This style of playing particularly stands out to Williamson because of its versatility. 

“If you’re really good at playing that style of music and doing those techniques with your hands, you’ll be able to perform anything,” Williamson said.

Each lesson is personalized to fit the goals of  individual students. There is very little cut-and-paste when it comes to planning the lessons so students can achieve their unique goals.

Brianna Delvecchio, a sophomore psychology major from Dothan, took lessons with Williamson last semester and said she would gladly take the lessons again.

“He was very easy to understand,” Delvecchio said. “He took the lessons my speed and slowed down when I needed more work on a particular spot.”

Williamson also tailors each lesson to the experience the student has with the instrument. Some of his students have played for years before coming to him and others have never touched the instrument before.

He added how learning an instrument can help you in other parts of your life.

“There are things in life that will help you become a better thinker, make you adapt and learn how to deal with the world and other people,” Williamson said. “There’s something about the instrument that just seems to put discipline into people.”

He prefers the one-on-one so students can become more comfortable with the instrument before progressing into a bigger classroom setting.

At the moment, Williamson only has around four to five students, but said he can take on up to 16.

The number of students signing up for these lessons has seemed to dwindle some in recent years, and Williamson feels as if students nowadays are missing out on something which is very important. 

Students can sign up on their Trojan Web Express for the class (MUS-1128 Private Guitar) and register through Rhonda Taylor in the music department.

Classes are held for 30 minutes on a weekly basis in his office.

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