Prizes awarded for sports event attendance

Cassie Gibbs

News Editor

Larry Willis

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association discussed the fall football season and events that will happen throughout.

According to Heath Barton, the Vice President of Campus Affairs, the first pep rally will be held this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. The theme of this week’s pep rally will be “Blast Out the Blue Devils.”Students are encouraged to wear school colors and dress in the fashion of past decades.

The Trojan Walk will be held this Saturday at 3:45 p.m. “We encourage everyone to attend. We encourage other organizations to attend as well, because this is a big game.”VPCA Barton said.

SGA discussed homecoming and homecoming queen elections. Applications and fees for organizations who wish to participate in homecoming events are due Sept. 8 by 5 pm. Applications for homecoming queen are due Sept. 9.
The SGA is promoting the program Trojan Affinity Points System, which counts points for every sporting event attended. Different events will be worth a different point value. At the end of the point season, usually after a full academic year, prizes will be awarded.

The student with 25 points will be awarded a t-shirt, 50 points will earn a visor, 75 points will earn a polo, 100 points will earn lunch with the Athletic Director, John Hartwell, or other faculty members of the athletic department, 150 points will earn an autographed ball of the winner’s choice, 200 points will earn a book scholarship, and at the end of a the full academic year, the student with the most total points will win a full tuition scholarship.

This scholarship has no limitations on the hours it will cover.

“The person who gets the highest amount of points at the end of the semester gets free tuition,”Senator Faith Mote, chair of student life said. “We want to give the students the opportunity to do this.”

Sara Voght, a graduate assistant who works with the program, said that the program is a great idea to promote Trojan Spirit.

“The TAPS program is an awards program,”Voght said. “We award very deserving and promising students. It’s a point system. If they get a certain amount of points, they get a prize, and the person who gets the most points will win full tuition.”

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