Productive apps for college students

Emily Beckstrom
Staff Writer

The saying “There’s an app for that” is almost too literal in today’s world.  There is always some sort of technology available to help people with their specific needs.
The use of technology, particularly among college students, is constant. Look at your surroundings in class. What are your classmates doing? The answer to this most likely includes a laptop, cellphone or tablet.
While apps like Snapchat and YikYak are amusing and handy in their own ways, there are other apps that college students can use to boost productivity. Here are five free and helpful tech apps for college students.

1. Evernote
This app allows students to take effective notes on the go. It offers users much more than just the average note-taking experience. Functional and organized, it lets users choose different ways to take, save and arrange notes through the use of color, photos, audio and file attachments within a simple interface.

2. StudyBlue
By incorporating flashcards into a digital framework, StudyBlue works to be a great study tool, particularly when cramming for an exam. Text, images and audio can all be incorporated into digital flashcards. The app also allows you to search for relevant study materials within its public database or within your school and class database, so it can be used as a virtual study room.

3. LinkedIn
This app is famous for its easy and effective strategies in networking. Free of charge, LinkedIn is a notable social media platform designed especially for employers and employees. For this reason, the app is great for college students to network, to search and apply for jobs and to get their names out into the professional world.

4. CloudOn
Much like Google Drive or Dropbox, this app lets you store and upload files. The difference, however, is that CloudOn lets users sync all of their files from each storage application onto one single platform that is easy to use and understand.  This application helps keep all your files in one place rather than going through multiple apps trying to find a single file.

5. Indeed
This app allows users to find part-time and full-time work in one easy place. Just type in your ZIP code and/or city, then let the search results do their job. Many companies and businesses use this platform to reach students and users seeking employment in a certain area. You can also set up notifications so that you are always aware of opportunities in your local area.

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