Professor puts her best foot forward for cancer awareness

Bronte Pruitt

The world gains a pink hue come the month of October. Ribbons, bracelets, even pom-poms for Friday night cheerleaders go pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. Come November, however, that color starts to fade and we no longer see the “Save the Ta-tas” slogan everywhere.
For Jacqueline Jones, a Troy University biosciences professor, cancer awareness is a yearlong pursuit. Having a Ph.D. in integrative biosciences, Jones has extensive training in cancer pathology and bone immunology.
“From Nov. 20-23, I will be participating in the Susan G Komen 60-mile, three-day walk in San Diego with a group of professors from Harvard University and University of Pittsburgh,” Jones said.
“The purpose of the phenomenal event is to raise money for breast cancer research as well as increase awareness.”
Thousands participate in the walk annually, in cities across the United States, according to Jones.
“We walk rain, sleet, snow or hail,” she said. “The walk is never canceled.”
This will be Jones’ first time with the endeavor, and she is “looking forward to participating in this great cause.”
A group of colleagues from various universities sparked her interest. She will be representing Troy University and said that “it is an honor to be representing the Trojan family.”
Jones said that “in the evenings, we will camp out in tents to sleep.”
“I am an avid researcher who conducts research at Troy University as well as other collaborators,” Jones said. “I also volunteer and talk to women in local communities and churches about breast cancer awareness.
“In my opinion, just doing research is not enough; there is always more we can do.”
According to Jones, the minimum amount of money that must be raised in order to participate is $2,300. Currently, she is around $300 short and has until Nov. 16 to reach her goal.
“Any support I can receive from the Trojan family would be appreciated, and no amount is too small,” Jones said. “Any amount from $1 to $20 can make a difference ,and by using the website, all funds go directly to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.”
According to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day website, “75 percent of the proceeds raised goes to support the Susan G. Komen’s research and Training Grant Program.
“It also aids in creating public health outreach for those who are fighting breast cancer, while the remaining 25 percent helps fund local community support and outreach programs.”
If students or faculty members wish to support Jones and her fight against breast cancer, her participation page can be found at In order to find Jones, you can use her participant ID: 1935.

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