Proposition of draft beer in Troy

Faith Karwacki
Staff Writer

Troy City Council agreed to propose legislation that will allow draft beer to be sold in the Troy area.
With the aid of over 300 Troy residents who signed their petition, Jamie and Lyndsay Taylor, owners of Sips on the Square, were able to bring this proposal to the council and make their cause known.
Should the sale of draft beer become a reality in this town, our local businesses would be meeting a demand many of its residents will be pleased to partake in ¬– meaning more income for our local businesses.
I, for one, could not be more excited to see this become a reality.
As an environmentalist and amateur beer connoisseur, the long-term and short-term impacts of this legislation are highly positive.
According to, a single beer keg within a 30-year period will distribute 20,000 pints.
This is an amount equivalent to 27,000 cans or bottles that would most likely end up in a landfill.
Kegs can also be refilled, returned and recycled. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint.
There would also be a regular circulation of new beers on tap.
This could provide opportunities for local craft brewers to promote and sell their products, which are often exclusively available in kegs.
The recent boom in the popularity of craft beer coupled with a regular circulation of craft beers on tap would be enough to satisfy customers and allow local businesses to continue to thrive.
If the city of Troy were to move forward with this legislation, our city would be making a huge step forward in becoming a more progressive college area.
I am optimistic to see that should this become a reality, we may also soon see the sale of alcohol on Sunday or legislation that would be more kind to our local hookah cafe (and hopefully more hookah cafes to come).

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