Pursuing a musical passion

Tori Roper
Staff Writer

Music is a large part of many students’ lives at Troy University, and for those who choose to make music or simply play it as disc jockeys, Troy’s university experience could become one that they will never forget.

This is the case for Jared Henderson, a sophomore computer science major from Pensacola, Florida. Henderson, also “DJ Red,” has been DJing since he was 16 years old and does so now on campus.

Henderson says he began his DJing career in a basement for a friend’s birthday party.

“I bought my first pair of beginner turntables, and it just happened from there,” he said.

“I like music,” Henderson said when asked why he started DJing. “I like all types of music, all different types and genres. Playing in a band, you usually play one type of music — there is a pizzazz in DJing.”

Henderson is a member of the University Activities Council and participates as a DJ for any event that requires music. He has been the DJ for a number of events, including Skate Night, Alpha
Gamma’s Date Party and comedian Steve Brown’s homecoming show.

Henderson also DJs in Panama City Beach, Florida, every spring break. This year, he will do it at Club La Vela and at Club Fahrenheit.

“My dream is to DJ for an awards show like MTV or VH1,” he said. “I send a submission tape every summer. I have gotten into the top 10, but never won.”

School comes first for Henderson, although he loves his music.

“DJing will always be there,” he said. “Music comes second.”

“If I go professional, fine,” he replied when asked about his future plans in music. “My biggest fear is being the old guy in the club.”

Henderson said his favorite part of DJing is the crowd reaction with everyone getting excited and having a good time.

While Henderson strictly DJs for events, Josh Lewis, a junior graphic design major from Chelsea, creates his own music for fun.

For two years, Lewis, who also goes by his stage name “Chillaxative,” has been making dubstep music of his own using programs on his iPads and computer.

Lewis is a percussionist in the Sound of the South, Troy University’s marching band, where he plays the cymbals.

“One day I just decided to make my own music,” Lewis said.

Lewis has had the opportunity to play his music in the Trojan Center three separate times as a way to “let them hear my music.”

He plans to be making music for a while, but it is not his No. 1 priority.

“I make music in my free time,” he said. “I may only spend 30 minutes to an hour working on songs.”

Class and band hold priority over making music for Lewis because he has not yet gone mainstream.

“I want to be a movie maker, so still involved in music in some way,” Lewis said, in relation to his future.

Lewis said that his favorite thing about making music is “the feeling that the music has, the way I can make people feel more than just hear the music.”

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