Quintuplets on campus

Samantha Vick
Staff Writer

With the fall semester beginning, many students may be feeling homesick; however, the Guttensohn quintuplets have found a creative way to bring their home with them.
Born on Aug. 8, 1996, Mason, Tanner, Hunter, Parker and Taylor all received scholarships to Troy University at birth.
Mason stated that if they had not received scholarships, Troy still would have been their choice because they love the campus so much.
Mason, Hunter and Parker are all undecided in their majors. Taylor is majoring in athletic training, while Tanner is majoring in marine biology.
“I loved Troy and was greatly involved in their campus outreach,” said their mother, Amy, who graduated in 1991.
Her husband, Eric, got his master’s degree at Troy University in Montgomery. This is how Troy University discovered the quintuplets.
Amy describes the experience of having an empty nest as “wildly exciting.”
“It is neat watching them discover what they want to do with their lives,” she said.
There have not only been major adjustments back home, but Troy has also made a minor adjustment to housing for them.
The quints having received full scholarships, the university provided them with a modified room. This modified room is in Trojan Village 100 and contains an extra bedroom in the living room area.
“Rooming together seemed to be the most efficient way for Troy to handle our scholarship,” Mason said.
Taylor added that it was the “smartest decision.”
After living together for 18 years, they already knew their roommates very well.
“It’s like we did not even leave home,” Taylor said.
“Except, Mom and Dad cannot clean anything for us — we are left to do that on our own,” Hunter said.
Parker agreed that one of the best things about living with siblings is the accountability that comes with it.
“Parker got to pick which bathroom he wanted, and so now I have to share a bathroom with Parker and Tanner,” Mason said when asked the worst thing about living with his siblings.
At home in Montgomery, the Guttensohns shared two bedrooms and two bathrooms. They are grateful for their modified space in Troy because they finally have their own bedrooms.
Separate rooms allow the brothers some privacy, but when they miss each other, they simply go into the living area to hang out and study.
“Although the living area is smaller than the rest of the ones in Trojan Village, we would not have known what to do with the extra space anyways,” Parker said.
Do not believe that the quintuplets are all alike, though.
They have differences in both appearances and hobbies. Here are some fun facts about the brothers:
• Mason can juggle.
• Tanner took a glass-blowing course.
• Hunter loves photography.
• Taylor weighed less than a pound at one point after he was born.
• Parker says the coolest fact about him is that he is a quintuplet.

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