RA’s adjust to COVID-19 guidelines

Jakiya Dudley

Staff Writer

As COVID-19 spread over the world, the college experience changed for students, but resident assistants played a part in helping students who live on campus return safely.   .

Troy University assured that COVID-19 guidelines were set in place in the dormitory so students could safely continue the semester.

“Troy has made me feel comfortable while living on campus during a pandemic,” said Mariah Williams, a resident of Rushing Hall.  “I have felt relaxed and at ease about living on campus throughout this school year because the school made sure rules were being followed.

“It is mandatory to wear masks when in the dorm, and resident assistants have done a great job enforcing that.”

Resident assistants needed to fulfill their usual duties, but they experienced a change in the way they did their job.

R.A.’s had to relay more messages to their residents through group messages and signs on doors, elevators and walls, rather than in-person meetings to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

“COVID-19 impacted the dorms heavily,” said Teyia Rhodes, an R.A. in Rushing Hall. “We could no longer participate in dorm community builders.

“We had to change how we held Hall Meetings and even room checks. COVID-19 put a hold on how I communicated with my residents, as well. Most importantly, COVID reminded me of why I wanted to be an R.A., to help others in any way that I can.”

Students who may have tested positive for COVID-19 were required to quarantine within their dorm room. They were brought breakfast, lunch and dinner meals throughout the day.

Students interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination at the campus health center should visit the COVID information page at troy.edu to schedule an appointment.

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