As the semester is getting to the halfway marker, students are looking into their questionable housing arrangements for the fall 2013 semester.

With over 7,000 students, there are roughly 2,230 beds for on-campus residents; therefore, there is not enough room for even half of the enrolled students at Troy University’s main campus.

Currently, the only students who are guaranteed a place on campus the ones who have the Millennium or ROTC Room Scholarships, but still must re-contract on their given days depending on their classification.

Students with athletic scholarships receive housing depending on what the athletic department determines.

The brand new faith-based housing, the Newman Center, will be opening in the fall semester with 376 beds.

Not only do Newman Center applicants need a 2.5 overall and semester GPA, but also a recommendation from a minister, a community leader and a counselor or advisor supporting the request of a student to become a resident of the Newman Center.

“While the Newman Center campus outreach is a Catholic based, all denominations are welcome and encouraged to apply to live at the Newman Center,” said Sara Jo Burks, the assistant director of housing and residence life at Troy University. “As far as we know, there will be a married couple which will work as house parents, like community directors at the Newman Center.”

Students approved for the Newman Center must re-contract  March 5-7. All re-contracting will take place at the Housing office from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. in Shackelford Hall.

Regular re-contracting will be done March 18-21 starting with freshman on Monday and ending with seniors on Thursday.

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