ReadyU Event Press Release

ReadyU is bringing the Ultimate Pillow Fight to Troy University’s Relay for Life event on March 22nd  at 11 p.m. at Tailgate Terrace. Universities across the nation will be taking part in trying to have a record-breaking pillow fight. Students will participate in the event at their respective schools, so everyone’s involvement will count towards the official total and we need your help while supporting our local Relay for Life!

Using ReadyU-branded pillowcases that will be handed out prior to the event, students will have the opportunity to take a break from school, and engage in the pillow fun! Students are encouraged to bring their own pillows, but the first 25 students to make it to our table will have a pillow supplied to them. Afterward, they’ll be able to use the cases to collect and stash samples from Tide, Bounce, Herbal Essences, Old Spice and more!

About ReadyU

ReadyU is a program that aims to improve the lives of college students by helping them through the anxiety of leaving home, meeting new friends and living on their own.  ReadyU supports college students by providing the content, experiences and solutions they need to conquer beyond the classroom.  The program is supported by over 90 colleges throughout the country and is championed by campus ambassadors with dedicated events featuring select P&G products, which assist students in succeeding in those important moments that go beyond the average curriculum.

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