Relieve stress with puppies

Kat Rogers

Staff Writer

Troy’s Student Alumni Association will be having their “Puppies on the Quad” event on Friday, Nov. 4, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the social quad behind the Trojan Center.

The first goal of the event is to help Troy Animal Rescue Project find as many homes for their animals as possible. These are the animals that will be brought from TARP to the quad on Friday.

By supporting TARP, the number of stray or homeless animals is expected to go down. Donations also help lower vet bills for TARP.

William Mangum, a senior exercise science major from Montgomery and president of SAA, came up with this last spring, and he said that he wanted to raise awareness for a local organization.

“Since I was a freshman I had been aware of TARP, but it didn’t seem like many students knew what they did nor got involved in helping them,” Mangum said.

After pets were no longer allowed on campus, Mangum saw this as a way to benefit students and the community.

Because of last year’s success of over 1,000 students in attendance and every dog getting adopted, SAA decided to host the event again.

Sydney Coates, a sophomore business marketing major from Dothan, attended the event last year.

“I heard about the event originally online and decided to attend because who doesn’t want to be around puppies?” Coates said. “I even know that some people ended up adopting the puppies.”

The second goal for the event is to serve as a stress reliever for students because finals are quickly approaching.

This year, the event will be larger with twice as many adoptable dogs and puppies. Also, there will be a separate area for cats and kittens available for adoption.

For more information, visit the Student Alumni Association’s Facebook page.

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