Remembering the rivalry: Kate Rogers and Sydney Westry look back on “the shot”

Hanna Cooper

Staff Writer

Although it may seem insignificant to many at Troy, the March 1 anniversary of Faith Academy’s 5A state championship over Wenonah holds a lot of history for two key parts of the Troy Women’s Basketball team.

Kate Rogers, a Trojan junior forward, recently transferred to Troy. Last year, Sydney Westry, a graduate assistant, joined the team as assistant director of women’s basketball operations.

Although many see these two work together on a daily basis, they may not realize Rogers and Westry have a history, one created during the 2013 5A state championship when Westry hit the game-winning shot over Rogers’ head and defeated Wononah High School 51-50.

“It was kind of an out-of-body experience that you can’t really describe,” said Westry. “It took me a couple of days to realize that I was a state champion.”

Rogers, however, has a different take on the shot.

“I look up and she kicks it out, and no one ran out,” said Rogers. “I tried to get there, but I was a half-second too late, and she let it fly.”

Even now, six years later, Westry doesn’t let Rogers live down that moment. Westry admits she is one to talk trash, and Rogers tends to receive it.

“I am a trash-talker; I love it,” said Westry. “Our contact went something like, ‘I beat you, or you didn’t close out very good, or maybe I hit the shot in your face.’”

“It was definitely, ‘I hit the shot in your face,’” Rogers said.

WSFA’s Justin McNelley took the girls back out on the court to see if they could recreate the championship-winning shot, and just like in the game, Westry hit the shot over Rogers’ head. 

Today, Rogers averages over 15 minutes of playing time per game and has been a crucial component in games against Tennessee State, Coastal Carolina and Georgia Southern, where she led the team in rebounds.

Westry serves as a graduate assistant and works alongside Janae Fontaine as the assistant director of basketball operations after playing collegiate basketball at the University of Mobile.

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