Review – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Luke Brantley

Variety Editor

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” comes out Friday for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and many Call of Duty fans are excited for the new reboot.

Modern Warfare is a reboot of the popular Call of Duty series that began with the 2007 release of “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.” Two more games were released, wrapping up with “Modern Warfare 3” in 2011.

The series was a huge hit, and many fans of the series feel a strong sense of nostalgia for these games. Many of these fans are excited for the reboot, which is a return to form for Call of Duty.

The previous titles in the series have been set in the near or far future with high-tech weapons and gear.

But many fans have calling for a return to “boots on the ground” gameplay more grounded in reality.

“Modern Warfare” definitely delivers on that desire.

2019’s “Modern Warfare” is a fast-paced, intense experience which makes players approach gameplay from a more tactical angle. Weapons behave realistically, and attachments have a major effect on how they perform.

The first thing players will notice is the extremely short time to kill (the amount of hits it takes to down a player). It only takes a few shots to down players, depending on the weapon being used.

Assault rifles only require about three shots to down enemy players, while larger and smaller weapons may require one less or one more, respectively.

This can be frustrating while starting out, as new players will find themselves being killed very frequently. But this short time to kill also makes it easy to get kills since players only need to hit enemies a few times.

This difficulty makes standing out in the open unwise. Chances are if a player starts taking damage while in the open, they are probably going to die.

Quick reactions are a must when under fire, as any damage players take can turn lethal almost immediately. Moving from cover to cover is a better option than just running in with guns blazing.

“Modern Warfare” adds in more tactical elements than previous Call of Duty games.

Most maps feature buildings and structures with doors that can be opened or closed by players. Players can open these doors in a variety of ways: Walking up to them and pressing a button, using explosives to breach or just sprinting and crashing through the doors.

This adds a new level of tactical gameplay that makes players consider their approach before acting.

Another tactical feature added to “Modern Warfare” is the ability to mount weapons on cover. In previous entries, only weapons with bipods could be mounted.

In this game, players can press a button when behind cover to prop their weapon on that cover. This grants the player much better accuracy and weapon control. The downside is that it takes a second or two to leave that position, making it harder to get away from enemy fire.

The weapons are one of the highlights of “Modern Warfare.”

Each weapon has numerous attachments that are unlocked through gameplay, and these attachments have their own pros and cons. For example, a scope might increase a gun’s range and accuracy, but it might make the gun practically useless when firing from the hip.

Players have to carefully consider the situation before choosing a loadout and attachments. This detailed customization adds an incredible level of immersion to this game.

“Modern Warfare” introduces several new game modes on top of those that already staples of the franchise.

The new “Ground War” mode features 64 players in a 32-32 matchup inspired by more open first-person shooters like the Battlefield series.

There are also smaller, more tactical modes like “Gunfight,” in which two pairs of players face off against each other on a small, enclosed map.

There is also a mode that takes place at night, forcing players to use night vision goggles and aim with laser sights. These sights can give away a player’s position. This, combined with the lack of any heads-up display, makes for an incredibly realistic and immersive experience.

On top of the solid and immersive gameplay, the graphics and sound design of “Modern Warfare” are also jaw-dropping. Everything from gunshots to the sound effects for hit-markers and kills are satisfying.

The campaign, which was not available in the open beta, shows extreme promise. The campaign will likely tackle some current issues going on in the world today, and the trailers depict the game having a dark and gritty tone.

There was some concern among fans that the game would feature randomized loot boxes, but Activision (the publisher of the game) has said that the game will instead feature a “battle pass” system, similar to that of other popular games such as “Fortnite.”

“Modern Warfare” is a challenging and intense addition to the Call of Duty franchise. But despite the difficulty, the game feels rewarding and immersive.

The game will also support cross-play across all three platforms.

The mechanics, graphics and sounds are all solid, but the game does have its downsides.

Kill-streak rewards can become a major annoyance in Ground War, as the massive player count results in a constant barrage of airstrikes and missiles that only gets more infuriating as the match continues.

The good news is that this review is based on the open beta. There has been plenty of time for the developers to address this and other issues, which will hopefully result in a great gameplay experience.

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