Rising parking decal fees

Jojo McBride

Staff Writer


Students received an email on July 9th informing them about the rising costs of parking decals from the Troy University police department.

Decals, previously $50, are now $75 each year for students.

Some students feel that the higher price for parking decals is an inconvenience.

Ariel Douglas, a sophomore history major from Mobile says, “I think that they should have at least waited a little bit to raise the parking decals because they raised that and tuition at the same time.”

Students have to dig deep into their pockets this semester as more unavoidable fees come forward for the year. “With the housing situation, students that would be living on campus are now having to find an apartment and they can’t afford everything,”says Douglas.

Other students feel that the new cost is understandable and it is worth the $75 every year.

“I do understand the business side of it and the fact that things have to get paid for. We’re paying customers here at the university,”says Anthony Cuchens, a sophomore biology major from Freeport, Florida. “I’m not an Alabama resident. If I wanted a Troy tag, I would have to get an Alabama license plate and change everything to Alabama.”

An alternative to buying a decal every year is purchasing a Troy University license plate.

With the Troy University license plate you can receive a free parking decal as long as the university tag is issued to your vehicle.

These plates cost around $50.00 and the money raised from the tags is used to help Troy University students.

According to the Troy University alumni page about $48 of the $50 spent on the license plate goes to the Trojan Pride Scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded to a senior or graduate student with at least a 3.0 grade point average.

A portion of the money raised through the plates will also go to a new study abroad fund.

As of date the university’s web page does not reflect the current changes in the price of the parking decals.

Decals can be picked up in the Trojan Center in Room 119. The police will be available Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm to issue decals.

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