Road work driving students mad

Emma Daniel

News Editor

Delays in roadwork due to bad weather  have led to potholes, cracks and naked road, leaving students to take to social media to express concern over possible vehicle damage.Students used theto talk about

Road construction was set to begin on Dec. 16 and continue through the break, according to Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves, but weather problems caused issues and delayed most of the work until after the new year.

Roads were left completely stripped at the beginning of the spring semester, and work is continuing into next week.

Once the rains flooded the roads, drivers expressed concerns on social media they were not able to see potholes or cracks in the road.

Work has already begun on patching the worst potholes and orange cones have been placed to caution drivers.

With some of the rain subsiding, road work is continuing as weather permits.

Alex Reynolds, a senior nursing major from Dothan, Alabama, and member of the Student Government Association’s cabinet handling city relations, urged students to be patient and careful.

“I completely understand everyone’s frustrations with the roads,” Reynolds said. “Mainly in reference to weather, some things are just simply uncontrollable, especially with construction.”

Students should exercise extreme caution while driving on campus to protect themselves and the workers, Reeves said in an email originally sent out to tell students the construction schedule.

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