Roby is not perfect but is better for 2nd Congressional District

Sam Stroud

Staff Writer

On Nov. 6 Troy residents will vote to pick a representative for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. They have two choices, Republican Martha Roby and Democrat Tabitha Isner. 

As with most races, both candidates have their merits, but Roby is the better choice with her policies on Medicare and her legislative positions. 

That said, Roby is a phantom candidate who has been more elusive than Bigfoot to her own constituents. For instance, Tabitha Isner has visited Troy at least three times already this semester to campaign. Martha Roby is MIA and has not visited the university a single time this semester.  

Roby also lacks appeal in her backward approach to education. She has argued against taking in federal funding of state schools and has resisted Common Core.  

Alabama is ranked 46th in education and 49th in higher education. This state needs a more sophisticated and well-funded curriculum at the moment. Roby is against policies that enable the necessary growth in education this state desperately needs. 

Unfortunately, we vote on a bundle of issues, and Roby’s policies better represent the 2nd District.

She has been a solid advocate of the Second Amendment, receiving an A rating from the NRA. 

Roby is not in favor of expanding Medicaid to create “health care for all.” She holds that this sort of health care plan would overwhelm the state budget and drive up taxes for the citizens of Alabama. Additionally, the state would only have to rely on more federal aid to keep its head above water fiscally if Medicaid were expanded. 

She has also supported key Republican legislation in the past, such as the 2017 Job and Tax Cut Act. This act will create a trillion dollars of federal revenue and an increase in wages, which the country is already starting to see. 

While Roby is not close to a perfect candidate, she does hold beliefs that will aid in creating growth and prosperity to Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. 

Compared to Tabitha Isner, a candidate who encourages expanding Medicaid and disincentivizing corporations, the choice is clear. Martha Roby is the better candidate for Alabama and the country.  

Editor’s Note: A column in favor of the Democratic candidate, Tabitha Isner, will be published next week. 

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