S.A.V.E. project promotes domestic violence awareness


(PHOTO/Hannah Crews)


Tatiannah Clarke
Staff Writer


In an effort to help bring more awareness to domestic violence and mental health, the S.A.V.E. Project held numerous events earlier this month to inform students about the perils of domestic violence and mental health issues.
“S.A.V.E. stands for sexual assault and violence education,” Miranda Carlee said. “The department aims at increasing the awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence while providing support services, outreach services and counseling services to those who have become victim to sexual assault or any type of domestic related assault,” she said.
According to Carlee October is domestic violence awareness month, and the cause is represented by the color purple. Additionally, mental health awareness week also falls within the month of October.
Carlee also said that members of S.A.V.E. handed out purple bracelets and domestic violence information pamphlets to students who also feel passionate about putting an end to domestic violence.
In support of Mental Health Week, S.A.V.E. held events such as Turn Lemons into Lemonade, where students received tips on word control, positive thinking plans and free lemonade.
Another event called Get it Off Your Chest allowed students to anonymously submit a fear, secret or worry into a box, allowing the students to get the emotion off their chest.
Although the month is almost over Carlee said the S.A.V.E. project is currently working on new events for the spring. One in particular is a program call No More.
“No More is a national campaign aimed at galvanizing change and radically increasing the awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in communities,” Carlee said.
To make an appointment with the S.A.V.E. Project, students can call 670-3700 or email the organization at save.troy.edu.

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