School curriculum basis for online tutoring

Lilly Casolaro

Staff Writer


“Students would prefer to re-learn a concept from scratch rather than to simply patch holes in their knowledge” is the foundation for Clutch Prep’s 24/7 free online tutoring service made available to Troy University students.

Clutch is streamlined to meet the student needs based directly on the content discussed in class, which sets it apart from other tutoring services such as Kahn Academy, according to O’Keefe. Rather than broad topics, Clutch uses practice problems and explanations that are in sync with the course material at Troy.

Clutch offers video-based lessons that are specific to school curriculum and textbooks to allow relevance and accessibility to students. “All of our content is textbook specific,” said Patrick O’Keefe, Clutch Prep representative.

“Troy students can expect to be able to use Clutch to actually understand and get better grades,” said O’Keefe.

Video lessons are geared toward first- through third-year students with an emphasis on math and science topics in accordance with common struggles among students who are entering fields that require upper level courses in these areas. Current courses that are offered include: Chemistry 1 and 2, Calculus, Statistics 1, Physics and Organic Chemistry.

Hannah McGaha, an undeclared sophomore from Brewton, said she would utilize this service because she struggles in chemistry, a course she is currently taking; however, McGaha prefers the face-to-face tutoring assistance that Eldridge Hall offers for students seeking support in math and science.

“Most students need help with problem solving and homework. One-on-one tutoring allows interaction and immediate step-by-step help,” said Courtney Wood, a senior biomedical science major from Troy and tutor at Eldridge Hall’s Natural Science Center.

Clutch Prep is looking to expand its curriculum as early as the spring and values any feedback that students can offer concerning future topics, questions or ways to improve.

To seek help in these areas, visit and utilize the free tutoring service geared toward your specific needs, schedule and study habits.



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