Screamer’s Tattoos in Ozark




Faith Karwacki

Perspectives Editor

            Upon entering Screamer’s Tattoo and Body Piercing in Ozark, I was pleasantly surprised to be met by an extremely welcoming staff and a clean, comfortable atmosphere.

The walls were decorated with the staff’s illustrations and couches were scattered throughout the waiting areas.

Typical of tattoo shops, each artist’s station had decorations that were representative to themselves as individuals.

I had a very crude drawing of the image I wanted immortalized on my right shoulder and when I showed it to tattoo artist, Travis White, he went straight to work on a design that would work for me.

Three hours later, I happily left the shop with a beautiful piece of artwork inked into my skin at a price that fit my budget.

Two of the tattoo artists, Travis White and Aaron Mann are hoping to establish themselves as local artists by hosting a gallery that displays their artwork.

“I started my career in Atlanta,” said White, “I’ve been tattooing for 18 years. We’re hoping to get some of our artwork that isn’t going to be permanently etched into someone’s skin out there.”

Their illustrations are inspired by tattoos, but intended to decorate walls rather than bodies.

“I’m new to this,” said Aaron Mann, “A year ago, my drawings were just doodles.”

Mann is now a licensed piercing and tattoo artist. His art also adorns the walls of Screamer’s Tattoo.

Mann and White also hope to break barriers that are common in the tattoo industry.

“You walk in to most local shops and they talk trash about other shops,” said White, “I made a point to visit other artists and hang out with them. There are some really talented guys around here. You can learn a lot from other artists.”

“The lifestyle is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a beautiful thing. Many people get tattoos to symbolize a life experience. Sort of like badges of honor and we’re the people that get to pin that badge on them. I take that very seriously.”

“What I love about the tattoo industry is that the whole company is like family,” said Mann, “There’s a lifelong comradery in being a tattooer. Even though I’m new to this, I’ve learned to stop taking things personally and to make this your life.”

White is a musician and, along with Mann, wishes to establish a more permanent local music scene.

“When I get tired of drawing, I write songs. When I get tired of writing songs, I draw.” said White, “I’ve made a lifelong commitment to tattoing, so no matter how ugly it gets, I’m sticking to it.”

Screamer’s Tattoo and Body Piercing is located in Ozark and can be contacted by calling 334-445-0737 or walking into the shop.

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