Seminar provides healthy relationship advice

Troy University’s 101 Elite Men & the Miss Elite Society came together to present “Be Real With Me: A Healthy Relationship Seminar” on Wednesday, Nov. 9, in Hal Hall.
At the seminar, members of both the 101 Elite Men & the Miss Elite Society, presented a PowerPoint that discussed ways to promote the building of healthy relationships, common relationship issues as well as ways on how to overcome them.
In addition, an open discussion between attendees and a panel, comprised of two members from each organization, was held following the presentation to discuss attendees’ questions and comments.
Brian T. Peasant, the visionary of iCrave Fellowship International Inc., served as the fifth member of the panel and served as a guest speaker.
LaBrecia Jackson, a junior multimedia journalism major from Montgomery and president of the Miss Elite society, played a great role in making the seminar a success.
“The purpose of this event was to provide information to the student body about the difference between healthy relationships and unhealthy ones, the signs of both and commentary from peers,” Jackson said. “I hope this event was informational and eye-opening.”
Jackson’s responsibilities included reserving a facility for the event, delegating specific duties to the executive board, finding credible sources on relationships, creating a visual aid and creating discussion questions.
Ashli Morris, a junior political science major from Athens and a member of the Miss Elite Society, discussed the importance of evaluating the relationships in our lives.
“At this event, we had come together to discuss what the elements of a good, healthy relationship are and how we can make sure we implement them in our relationships,” Morris said. “Healthy relationships lead to happier lives, and we want to give the students of our university a tool that will aid them in having a healthy and happy life.”
Derek Cunningham, a junior exercise science major from Birmingham and president of the 101 Elite Men, hopes to host a relationship seminar annually due to the fact that problems in relationships, whether it be a friendship, an intimate relationship or the relationship between parents and children, will always exist.
“I feel that this seminar is the perfect forum for people to discuss their problems, gain further insight and the knowledge that they need to have to have a healthy relationship in every aspect of life,” Cunningham said.

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