Severe Weather Preppers

by: Jane Morrell

Did you get freaked out when that crazy weather hit last week? Did you pack up all of your precious belongings into your backpack and tote it around with you to every class? Worry no more because I have a guide to prepare you for when the next weather catastrophe happens.

The first step to preparing for bad weather: Be aware of what’s going on. Always keep up with the news, or the weather channel. The weather channel can warn you ahead of time if bad weather is headed your way.

Today is clear skies, and happiness, Tuesday will be a little cloudy with smiles and ice cream, Wednesday there is a slight chance of death followed with mass destruction and chaos, Thursday is full of rainbows and sunshine….etc.

Also Troy University has the SOS  system where if you sign up for it on the website, it will send you alerts about what is going on during bad weather, such as if there is an tornado watch or warning in the area. If you haven’t signed up for the SOS, I suggest that you do because it is a really useful tool that can keep you up-to-date.

Knowing ahead of time or what is happening around you whether it’s from the news or from the SOS system is crucial to being ready for when bad weather hits.

Step Two: Know where to go in when the bad weather strikes. Whether you live on campus or in an apartment, your building should have an emergency plan for what to do and where to go.

Every building on campus has an emergency plan, make sure you know it. This will ease stress and worry when bad weather strikes. You will know what to do and where to go, and knowing that will bring comfort.

If you aren’t on campus, or where you live does not have an emergency plan, you need to make one. Research places of safety when bad weather hits and practice.  Go over your plan with anyone else residing with you.

Step Three: Build an emergency kit. Have items set aside just in case the power goes out or if you are stuck in your safe place for a long period of time.

These items could be Band-Aids, flashlights and batteries, food, preferably canned food, water, blankets, change of clothes, etc. Any item that is necessary in case of an emergency.

Having stuff set aside, a backup plan so to speak, is a great way to be ready for bad weather.

Finally, the last and most important step: Stay calm. Panic will doom you for sure in bad weather. Panicking not only will cause you to freak out and stress, but it will also affect those around you. Panic will drive you to do crazy things.

A person cannot make smart decisions while freaking out, and you need to have a clear and calm mind during bad weather.

Having control of yourself will give you better control over the situation.

There you have it, a step by step process to keep you cool and ready for rough weather. So next time you hear when bad weather is headed your way, you can pull out your flashlight and say “bring it on.”

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