SGA asks administration for more campus lighting

Asem Abdelfattah

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) passed a resolution authored by Freshman Forum’s Student Welfare Committee that aims to solve bad lighting on campus streets as a safety measure during its latest meeting.

Sarah Gillis, a freshman communication major from Montgomery and Freshman Forum’s Student Welfare Committee head, said the resolution is an especially important one because it pertains to safety on and around campus.

“My committee was working tackling safety issues on campus,” Gillis said. “The lighting issue in particular areas on campus was evident to us during our semi-annual Night Walk, where we walk around campus at night to try to address any safety issues.

“It even became more of a pressing issue after the incident on Feb. 13, and we don’t have to have more accidents like this before we do something about it.”

Gillis is referring to the incident when a Sodexo employee was hit by a car at the crosswalk behind Trojan Dining.

The resolution highlights three areas that need improvement in lighting — “McKinley Drive off of University Ave in front of the Chancellor’s home, Outside Newman Center Housing Building 100 on John M. Long Avenue, and Luther Drive on the southside of New Residence Housing Building 2000.”

According to Gillis, the resolution being passed by SGA is only the beginning of a solution to the lighting problem.

“The areas addressed in the bill belong to the city of Troy,” Gillis said. “SGA passing the resolution moves it to the administration.

“I hope the administration will back the resolution and work with the city to fix this problem.”

Emma Turner, a junior exercise science major from Huntsville and SGA’s Student Welfare Committee head, said during their meeting that Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves is already working on fixing the issue.

“Dean Reeves told me that Physical Plant already changed some of the light bulbs and added new LED lights behind Trojan Dining on John M. Long Avenue,” Turner said. “He will continue to work on it until it is no longer a safety concern.”

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