SGA brainstorms on bettering campus at beach retreat

Asem Abdelfattah

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) went on its annual retreat to Laguna Beach in Panama City, Florida, where members set goals, made plans, brainstormed ideas and built relationships with colleagues.

During Tuesday’s senate meeting, SGA senators shared some of the fruits of the retreat, held during the weekend.

Emma Turner, a senior exercise science major from Huntsville and student welfare committee chairwoman, said her committee will focus on three main points this year, among others: alternative transportation, campus safety and campus dining.

Rachel Carter, a computer science major from Athens, Alabama, and chairwoman of the academic life committee, said her committee will focus on meeting with the deans of all colleges at Troy to share and discuss about students’ opinions, concerns and suggestions.

Carter said the academic life committee will also work on organizing professor panels in every college to help students meet and know their professors better.

“Most of the time reviews from sources like aren’t accurate in describing how a professor is in class — with usually a negative tendency,” Carter said. “I want students to be able to meet professors and to get a more real impression about their potential professors.”

Other committee chairs and executives also shared their goals and expectations. The campus life committee expressed an interest in having an SGA-sponsored music concert but said that there will be many steps to take before it happens. 

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