SGA Changes Approach on Constitution

Despite promises by previous Student Government Association president Darreyel Laster to revise and rework the SGA constitution, according to current president Will Thompson, the effort has been shelved.

“After serving on the constitutional revision committee and making the revisions we felt needed to be made,” Thompson said, “we felt it would be better to go article by article and make more revisions to the code of laws than the constitution.”

Thompson cited administrative differences as one reason for not continuing a full revision process and that after consultation with his other executive officers, the overhaul wasn’t deemed as necessary as Laster’s cabinet had felt it was.

Thompson said, however, that after closely reviewing both the constitution and code of laws, his administration did find issues they wanted to correct.

“There were discrepancies between the two texts, and we made a concerted effort to fix that,” he said.

Vice President of Campus Activities, Cody Farrell, who had also served on the committee, agreed with the decision.

“The constitution is very good where it is,” he said.

“I think it could be tweaked some, but no major changes were really necessary.”

Both said they felt a full revision to the constitution wouldn’t be of any real benefit and SGA’s administrative efforts could be better spent with other initiatives.

“I think we did the right thing, and I think we’re doing the right thing,” Thompson said.

“I really do.”

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