SGA confirms election violation for Homecoming Court, Will hold re-election on Oct 30

Pradyot Sharma


The Student Government Association (SGA) will hold a re-election for the 2019 Homecoming Court after two  candidates representing an undisclosed organization withdrew from the election following allegations of election violations.

The decision was made after the SGA received complaints alleging potential campaign violations by the members of the organization concerned. The Election Violation Committee determined that fraudulent voting did occur during the election. The organization concerned will receive a 25 percent point deduction from the points total for the 2019 Homecoming week competition.

The re-election will be held on Wednesday, Oct 30.

The Tropolitan is working to confirm the organization concerned

The following statement was released by the SGA:


On Wednesday October 23rd, 2019 the Student Government Association received notice of potential campaign violations concerning the 2019 Homecoming Court Elections. The Election Violations Committee constituted by the Student Government Association Code of Laws began their investigation into each allegation as they were submitted. Upon completing the investigation, the Elections Violations Committee determined that fraudulent voting did occur during the 2019 Homecoming Court Election. The organization in question has withdrawn their nominated candidates from the Homecoming Court Elections and there will be a re-election on Wednesday October 30th, 2019. The Election Violation Committee has determined that the organization in question will receive a 25% point deduction from the total points accumulated during the 2019 Homecoming Week.  


Morgan Long


Student Government Association

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