SGA discusses school improvements

JoJo McBride

Staff Writer


The Student Government Association discussed improvements that will soon take place around the campus.

These improvements include placing 600 new Wi-Fi access points around campus, cleaning the Trojan statue on the main quad, repainting directional arrows in the parking lots and placing mirrors in parking lots where view may be blocked.

A meeting is also planned with the dean of libraries to further discuss plans for some changes in the library.

SGA recognized Troy Club Tennis Team and Troy Quidditch team as campus organizations.

Brandon Gurubel, a senior business major from Dadeville and captain of the Troy Club Tennis Team talked about the club.

“Our hopes are to get the membership to 50 members and continue to promote the sport of tennis across the entire Wire grass region,”said Gurubel.

The constitution for the College of Ilium, a club focusing on the medieval era, was put on docket. Ray Jeffcoat, sophomore anthropology major from Prattville, spoke on what the club hopes to bring to Troy University.

“We haven’t had a group like this in 30 years, what we’re trying to do is bring it back to the surface with a new name, a new face,”Jeffcoat said.

The club would bring medieval food, combat, clothing, classes and music to Troy’s campus.

Troy History Club and Students for Life’s constitutions were put on docket to be read by the senate.

Troy History Club is a club dedicated to building relationships between students and history professors on campus and to increase knowledge to share knowledge of history.

Students for Life is a pro-life organization on campus whose goal is to save lives threatened by induced abortion, euthanasia and using human embryos for research.

SGA homecoming queen elections were held on Wednesday, Sept. 24. The Homecoming court will be announced at Saturday’s volleyball game in the Trojan Arena

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