SGA introduces parking resolution

Chase Robinson
Copy editor

A resolution to reorganize parking for the 2014-2015 school year was put on docket at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.
The resolution, if passed, would try to alleviate parking problems caused by construction projects around campus.
If the resolution is approved, the lot at Sartain Hall would be available for freshman and upperclassman commuters for the year or until construction on the recreation center begins.
The lot in front of Alumni Hall would be strictly for residents of Trojan Village and Clements Hall.
The lot behind Clements Hall will be available to commuter nursing students. The resolutions asks that nursing students be given a new black-and-white-striped parking sticker.
Commuter nursing students would be able to park in both commuter and nursing spots to avoid overflow on Pell Avenue. “Students in the nursing program especially must be given adequate space to park for safety,” said SGA President Cody Farrill, a senior political science major from Panama City Beach, Fla.
The lot north of the stadium would be restricted to commuter freshmen. The parking lot at the Trojan Arena will be open to freshmen and commuters.
The lot by the softball field and the Elm Street gym would be designated as overflow parking.
The resolution asks for shelters to be built at the stadium lot, the Trojan Arena lot and the Elm Street lot, and a shuttle would run a circuit including these parking lots and the quad every 15 minutes to transport students to and from campus.
“We’re hoping this also makes the university realize that the shuttle system needs to be improved,” Farrill said.
The resolution calls this a temporary solution, and it encourages the administration to look for places to build a parking deck.
“By doing this we’re putting the ball in their court for one final time, and if that doesn’t happen, we’re going to ask for a parking structure,” Farrill said.
The resolution, sponsored by Matthew Thompson a sophomore accounting major from Wetumpka and the SGA’s finance coordinator, should be voted on at the next meeting.
According to Farrill, the resolution for the $125 fee to help build a new recreation center was presented to the student affairs committee of the board of trustees.
“It was received very well,” Farrill said.
The recreation center resolution will now go to the finance committee of the board of trustees.

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