SGA looks for campus problems at Night Walk

Priyanka Sharma

Staff Writer

Despite the rainy weather, the Student Government Association conducted its Night Walk on Tuesday, Oct. 27, looking for problem areas around campus that could be fixed.

According to Darunda Wilkins, a junior business major from Montgomery and the SGA student welfare chair, SGA broke up into three groups and walked around campus.

“In doing so, we were able to cover more ground of the university,” she said. “Our main things gathered were that we have a lot of lighting, but the lighting that we have is not efficient enough.”

According to Clint Milligan, a sophomore economics major from Alabaster, a lot of areas could be better lit.

“We saw a lot of places that had lights but the bulbs were out,” Milligan said. “We also noticed several emergency buttons with the blue police light on the top were out as well.”

Wilkins also said that SGA attempted to take into consideration accessibility for students with disability at this Night Walk.

“We tried to put ourselves in their shoes to understand the challenges they will be facing,” she said. “Since it was a rainy night, we were able to say, ‘Oh, this area is a little too slippery. I don’t know if I would go down here; the water is running, and it’s flooding the area.’

“We also took a good focus at looking at the Shack Quad, because we’ve had a lot of issues there earlier this year.”

“Also at the track, there are some openings in the fences that need to really be fixed,” she said.

According to Wilkins, they also looked at possible spots for putting up new parking lots.

“We just really want to make sure our campus stays beautiful, but in doing so we want to find adequate parking, especially if we’re planning on taking on new students,” she said.

According to Milligan, the roads on campus, which are made slippery due to rain, could be improved.

“We were also on the lookout for areas that had problems when it was raining and fortunately it was raining so we were able to find places where students could easily slip,” Milligan said. “But mostly the lighting was definitely the big issue.”

According to SGA President Heath Barton, a senior global business major from Opp, SGA will be making an electronic spreadsheet list of all the problem areas that members have found. He said SGA will “be giving it to the university officials as well as Chief (of police John) McCall, Dean (Herbert) Reeves and Derrick Brewster for them to be able to look at and handle the issues.”

“SGA will of course help with the issues we can help them out with,” Barton said.

SGA’s publicity committee also announced at its weekly meeting that it will be setting up the SGA concerns table at the Trojan Center on Nov. 3.

“TC Tuesday Table” was started to address the concerns of students about issues that they think need to be addressed.

The table is set every first Tuesday of the month. SGA had its first table set up on Oct. 6.

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