SGA passes judiciary amendments

Pradyot Sharma


The Student Government Association (SGA) passed two bills concerning the judiciary branch of the SGA.

The Attorney General and Supernumerary Justice bill creates the position of an Attorney General who will be responsible for prosecuting any election violations or any provision in the SGA code of Law. Previously, violations were prosecuted by a SGA executive officer.

The bill also allows for three supernumerary justices who will serve in the supreme court in case a justice has to recuse themselves.

“Having supernumerary justices will prevent the court from ever having to worry about meeting quorum,” said Carter Ray, a senior geomatics major from Troy, AL.

The Chief Justice Bill changes how the chief justice of the supreme court is selected. The SGA president will now nominate between two to four candidates from the pool of available justices. The senate will then vote to elect the chief justice from the candidates nominated.

Previously the president selected the chief justice who was then confirmed by the senate.

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