SGA: Smith parking lot lighting underway

Madina Seytmuradova

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association inaugurated the seven senators who were elected last week during its weekly meeting on Tuesday night.

Barbara Patterson, director of student involvement, also said that a proposition put forward by the Freshman Forum last year has resulted in two new water fountains installed on campus: one in the student gym and one at the Trojan Center food court.

“I want to get some feedback if students like them,” Patterson said. “I think students will like to be able to run up there when they are eating and get some water. They just have to discover it, because it’s a little hidden.”

Execution of the “Lighting in Smith Hall parking lot” resolution passed during last week’s meeting is also under way, according to SGA senator Laken Berry, a sophomore secondary education major from Athens.

The resolution, which was proposed by Berry, is designed to prevent dangerous situations around the Smith Hall parking lot.

“I met with Dean (Herbert) Reeves (of student services) today about the lighting resolution from last week, and he said that he is meeting someone next week to try to get that started,” Berry said.

After the three incidents last semester, Shackelford Quad’s lighting was improved and enhanced by switching to LED lights.

Berry said that Reeves was going to look into the matter further. Reeves will decide whether to switch the lighting sources in Smith parking lot to LED or to make the existing ones brighter by adding new lights.

Avalon Dudinsky, president of Relay for Life, spoke to the senate and encouraged students to participate in the Relay for Life “College against Cancer” events that will be held on March 19 from noon to midnight. Registration is now open for all teams at a cost of $10.

Directors for Trojan Outreach, Riley Jacks and Sierra Terrell, invited students to attend various panels celebrating diversity. The panels will be conducted every Monday in February at 6 p.m. in Patterson 103. They will be led by various speakers, including a representative of an LGBTQ+ community, a Troy city councilwoman and a speaker with personal account of addiction and family trauma.

SGA also placed the constitutions for the International Soccer Club and RISE religious group on docket to be revised over the week and voted on at the next meeting.

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