SGA talks of Starbucks in library

Jill Odom

Sports Editor


The Student Government Association swore in its 11 new senators for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The new Freshman Forum members were presented at the meeting and Ashli Morris, freshman broadcast journalism major from Athens, was announced as their president.

Senator Bert Schulingkamp, a sophomore global business major from Auburn, met with the new Dean of Library Services Chris Shaffer to discuss possible hour changes and Shaffer’s plans to update the library. Shaffer was originally from the Dothan campus.

Shaffer’s plans for the library include having the government documents section on the main floor taken out and turned into databases and putting a Starbucks in its place. The databases will allow more government documents to be on file and provide easier access to students.

“He (Shaffer) said it would actually be a franchised Starbucks, so I would assume that that means that it’s going be a full-blown Starbucks, with gift cards and all,” Schulingkamp said.

Shaffer is also trying to change the library hours. Schulingkamp and Shaffer discussed changing the hours so that on Sunday through Thursday, the library will be open for 24 hours and regular hours for Fridays and Saturdays. If this 24-hour library schedule is approved, there may be a fee taxed to all of the students to pay for the 11 workers who would be needed, which would be around $20.

The SGA also discussed upcoming service projects sponsored by the office of service learning and civic engagement. The Fall Days of Service are set for Sept. 11-13. These events promote community service in remembrance of 9/11. This is Troy’s fourth year of offering service projects.

Different projects during the event include: painting the Boys and Girls Club, a beautification project at Murphree Park, participating in activities with children at the Head Start Program, working the food pantry at the Salvation Army or cleaning at Sav-A-Life.

Saturday projects will last from 8 a.m. to noon at Habitat for Humanity, the Pioneer Museum and the Noble Manor Senior Center. For students interested in signing up, further information can be found in Eldridge Hall.

The SGA then discussed homecoming, which will be on Oct. 11. After receiving all applications for groups interested in participating in homecoming events, there are currently 19 homecoming queen applicants and 31 groups taking part in homecoming this year. Voting for homecoming queen will be Wednesday, Sept. 24, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can vote in Trojan Center Room 125.



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