SGA to change names and streamline filling vacancies

Zach Henson


The Student Government Association (SGA) has proposed changes to amendments in order to change the names of three positions and “eliminate unnecessary steps” in refilling vacated offices, according to Alex Reynolds, the vice president of legislative affairs (VPLA).

The changes will be made final once they are voted on by the student body on the next ballot.

The first of the changes will rename the office of vice president of legislative affairs to executive vice president but does not change the responsibilities of the position.

The other name changes are for the secretary and clerk, who have been known as the director of representation and the director of administration for the past several years. These names, however, were only reflected in the Code of Laws and not in the Constitution.

All other proposed changes streamline the process of filling an office in case the current officer can no longer hold the position. 

If the VPLA can no longer hold the position at any point during the year, the president pro tempore, an office appointed by the VPLA and approved by the senate, would assume the office of VPLA.

If the vice president of campus affairs (VPCA) can no longer hold the position before November, a special election will be held; if during or after November, the chair of the campus life committee would fill the office.

The same date and process will apply for the directors of administration and representation. The director of administration would be replaced by the director of representation and the director of representation would be replaced by a student appointed by the president and approved by the senate.

Lastly, if no student applies for a position during a general election, the outgoing president will appoint a student to fill the position. If the same happens during a special election, the current president will appoint a student. Any appointed student must be approved by the SGA senate.

More information about these changes and copies of the affected portions of the constitution can be found at

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