SGA Updates in Progress

Ora Nelson

Staff Writer 

SGA is working on several projects this semester, including looking to change the Homecoming Queen selection process and the location of the Kissing Rock.   

“We have a lot of coming up legislation we were looking at doing,” said Carter Ray, Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Student Government Association.  

SGA is looking to reapportion the Senate so the representatives from the colleges on campus increase from two per college to three.   

“I’m going to be asking their governing laws committee to look at raising the number of collegiate seats to three [per] each [college] that looks at how many students are enrolled in each college,” Ray said.  

SGA is also looking at revisiting Homecoming Queen laws.

“Last year, there was a little bit of controversy relating to the process,” Ray said. “We [SGA] have created a committee of several senators and members of campus activities committees.”  

The controversy Ray mentioned happened after a rule change that wasn’t shared with students promptly where SGA changed selection rules from a 55% popular vote, 45% interview score to 100% popular vote. 

Ray said a new committee was created to aid in the process of tracking down and interviewing Troy’s past queen candidates and interviewing different student organizations to find a better way to complete the process.  

SGA has also been working on the “Trojan T” project, involving the SGA, the city of Troy and the university.   

“We’d like to paint a Trojan sword in the intersection of George Wallace Drive and University [Avenue],” Ray said.   

The proposed painting would cover a large part of the road and would be painted while the university would be on summer break.   

“It would be a wonderful addition to the campus,” Ray said.  

With the demolition of McCartha Hall going forward, SGA continues to push its proposal to move a marker and landmark there in front of of Wright Hall.  

“The Kissing Rock over there really needs to be moved so that the construction crews don’t accidentally hit it and damage it,” Ray said.  “And we’re hoping to get a historical marker put right by the rock, explaining the importance of it, talking a little bit about, the tradition it has on campus and, and just make a nice new area for it.”  

Ray also said SGA would like to put a historical marker where Sartain Hall used to stand to explain “some of those important details about the building.”  

“We’ve been working on doing some preservation of Troy [University],” Ray said. “There was a lot of history in Sartain Hall, and there’s just a lot of historical importance attached to that building.”  

SGA recently completed its scheduled safety walk through campus with University Police officers to identify potential safety concerns and areas around campus. Those findings were reported in the Senate meeting on Feb. 16.  

SGA Senate meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Hawkins Hall, Room 122.

Meetings are open to guests and SGA streams its meetings via Facebook Live on their Facebook page, Troy University Student Government Association.

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