SGA vacancies filled

Abby Taylor

Online Content Editor

Student Government Association Senate elections for open seats in Cowart Hall, Pace Hall, Gardner Hall, Hamil Hall, Newman Center and Specialty Housing (Hillcrest Hall, Paden Hall and Honors Cottage) were held yesterday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Students who currently live in the residence halls were permitted to vote for their prospective representatives through the link in the Trojan email.

Jessica Prince, a freshman from Mobile, was elected as Hamil Hall representative; Kevin Joseph, a senior from Crestview, Florida, was elected as Gardner Hall representative; Makayla Wade, a freshman from Panama City, Florida, was elected as Cowart Hall representative; Justin Brown, a sophomore from McCalla, was elected as Newman Center representative; Silver Wallace, a freshman from Montgomery, was elected as Pace Hall representative; and Laken Johnson, a senior from Crestview, Florida, was elected as Specialty representative.

During Tuesday’s SGA meeting, Jonathan Williams, a public administration graduate student and constitution and rules committee chair from Abbeville, discussed amendments that would change the Homecoming candidate requirement to submit a platform along with an application.   

“(Amendments) 704.2 and 704.6 basically states that candidates must have a platform, and it must be reviewed by the executive committee,” Williams said. “Basically, what happened tonight was we (SGA) took those off the code of laws so now (homecoming) candidates will not have to have a platform.”

Williams said that in the past, the platforms did not make a difference for students running in the homecoming elections and that people primarily voted for candidates based on who they are.

The platform is no longer mandatory, but still optional for those who may want to have one.

An overall philanthropy will be chosen by the SGA and the elected queen to donate any raised money to.

The SGA is sponsoring a pep rally tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Stadium with a theme of “Wipe out the Hornets.”

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